What foods should be avoided during pregnancy

During pregnancy there are many foods that you have to be careful and avoid eating these foods because of the diseases and damage to you and your children, and you know that every food you eat up to your fetus directly and have a share of it.

So be careful in your choice of what you eat and know in this article on the foods that doctors advise specialists to avoid during pregnancy:

– Meat and poultry immature:

Avoid eating half-cooked meat and poultry or finished meat products such as luncheon and pastrami. They may cause toxoplasmosis, which can cause fetal abnormalities and risk of miscarriage. Preferably eat fresh meat and keep away from frozen meat.

– Uncooked eggs:

Foods that contain eggs and non-cooked well you have to avoid them completely to avoid the bacteria present in them because of the lack of exposure to cooking or heat, which helps to kill bacteria in foods.

– Soft Cheese:

Soft cheese contains a percentage of the bacteria, especially the so-called Listeria, for the methods of manufacture. This type of bacteria causes miscarriage, God forbid, so you should avoid it altogether, such as these types of soft cheeses (feta, ricotta cheese, Mexican).

– Caffeine:

Although there is some research confirms the usefulness of caffeine and there are also some studies confirm that it is harmful and dangerous, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy because of the possibility of abortion and caffeine is diuretic and helps the body to get rid of the fluid inside it and this is contrary to what pregnant women need You eat large amounts of caffeine that may cause miscarriage, premature birth or low birth weight so it is best to abstain completely from taking it during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester.

– Peanuts :

Pregnant women are often advised to avoid peanut butter, especially those who have diseases such as allergies, asthma, and other allergies.

– Eat herbs and green tea:

Studies and studies have shown that it is dangerous for pregnant women and the fetus to eat more than 4 cups a day of beverages such as herbs and green tea during pregnancy.

You should avoid all the foods mentioned above to keep your pregnancy safe and pass this stage easily and easily without any loss to you and your Jenin.

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