What foods help breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding has many health benefits for mother and child. It helps to increase the immunity of the child against diseases and help the mother to lose weight after birth. To increase the milk yield of the mother during breast feeding, we help you choose foods to increase breast milk.

The ring

Of the famous herbs, which helps to increase milk production of the mother and advised to eat seeds also to prevent constipation after childbirth

Salmon fish

Contains a large proportion of DHA, which helps in the development of the nervous system of the child and the oils of Amiga and advised to eat twice a week and help to supply the body proteins important for breast feeding of the mother

Low-fat dairy products

Dairy products are a staple meal for every woman since the beginning of pregnancy. Besides being one of the most important sources of calcium for you and your child, dairy products also contain high levels of protein, vitamins B and D with multiple benefits, but the fatty density of dairy products can lead to indigestion and colic in your child , So we recommend you choose low-fat products, they do not differ in their nutritional value, although easier to digest, but not less than the daily dose of at least two cups.

Brown rice

Helps prevent constipation of the intestines and regulate digestion and contains complex carbohydrates important to increase breast milk, it gives you the energy you need, and does not help to increase weight.

Red meat

Many of us may not know that red meat is one of the most important sources of iron for the body, and it is rich in vitamin B-12, both of which are very important together, along with protein.


Contains calcium and phosphorus important and also vitamin D is important for the formation of bone for the child and the basic components of the mother’s milk, and advised to eat boiled egg on the breakfast lime or add to the salad dish in food.

habat al Baraka

Contains calcium, copper and many other elements that increase the yield of milk and can be added to many different dishes


Of herbs that help digestion and prevent bloating and can be added to the fennel and the ring to increase milk yield to the mother

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