What foods are rich in folic acid for pregnant women?

What is the importance of folic acid for the pregnant woman? What foods are rich in folic acid. Is taking folic acid before pregnancy is important in speeding up pregnancy …?

Says Dr. industrious Ayoub consultant gynecology and obstetrics that folic acid is important for pregnant women both when pregnancy or women wishing to occur in pregnancy occurs, and folic acid is one of Vitamnaat Group B, and it is also called B9 name, and needs pregnant woman ‘s body for this vitamin for its important role in the production of cells Red blood, in addition to folic acid, helps to prevent fetal abnormalities especially in the early stages. Some of the most common folic acid foods are:


Lentil is a natural source of folic acid, and lentils are rich in essential nutrients such as iron, magnesium, fiber and proteins.

Leafy vegetables

Spinach, mallow, kelp and cabbage are also important sources of folic acid during pregnancy

Acidic fruits

Kiwi, oranges and yolks are rich and useful sources of folic acid. A cup of orange juice contains 74 micrograms of folic acid plus vitamin C, which is important during pregnancy to help absorb iron in the body.

Red beans

Red beans are the best foods that can be added to many cooking recipes. كوب cup cooked beans containing 115 micrograms of folate. You can buy dry beans and soak them for a while before cooking, as well as canned beans that contain the same amount of folate.


Broccoli contains 104 micrograms of folic acid, one cup, broccoli is a natural fiber that helps prevent constipation during pregnancy, and broccoli with beta-carotene is important during pregnancy.


A cup of asparagus contains 79 micrograms of folic acid. Steamed asparagus can be eaten as a side dish during pregnancy.

Tomato juice

A cup of tomato juice a day helps to regulate the body with the need of daily folic acid, plus vitamin C is important during pregnancy.

Sunflower seeds

Syrian pulp or sunflower seeds are rich in folic acid and a natural source of calcium and important omega oils during pregnancy.

Whole grains

Eat whole grains in daily meals such as choufats or asparagus where the outer layer contains many fiber and is rich in folic acid.

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