What do you do when you do not have a habit?

It is known that the menstrual cycle goes through some stages, which usually end with the menstrual blood flow every month for those who have a regular cycle and continue to get blood for three to five days. You may encounter The girl may have menstrual or menstrual disorders . “Your health today” cover with you the reasons for the absence of monthly habit and symptoms of absence of monthly habit and treatment of delay of the monthly habit and what to do about the absence of the monthly habit, follow the following article.

Reasons for absence of menstruation

First, the onset of menstruation varies from one girl to another. Some girls start the cycle at the age of nine and others do not start until the age of thirteen, which is known as the age of puberty. The causes of late menstruation are due to several factors, including:

Pregnancy: Pregnancy is one of the most common causes of delayed menstruation, where the absence of the monthly habit of pregnancy signs are sure to conduct a home pregnancy test to confirm the occurrence of pregnancy or a special death if the woman complained that there are chances of pregnancy.

Menopause: The woman may be close to menopause and the body begins to adjust and reduce the number of times the monthly habit and happens to be interrupted for some months and come back due to the cessation of ovaries from work.

Weight gain or thinness: Obesity and excessive weight or thinness is one of the most common causes of delayed menstruation or the occurrence of disorders, and usually return to the habit of menstruation after the return of body weight to normal and healthy.

Thyroid hormone dysfunction: When there is a defect in the work of the thyroid gland, there is a defect in the natural functioning of the hormones of femininity inside the body, which leads to the failure to get the cycle in time.

Polycystic ovaries: To date, there is no specific cause of ovarian polycystic ovary, but if there is an increase in weight and excessive growth of hair in the body with no menstrual period, the woman should go to the doctor for examination.

Contraceptive pills: Taking the inappropriate pill or stopping it suddenly is considered one of the reasons for the absence and delay of the menstrual cycle.

How can you treat the absence of menstruation?

The treatment of the absence or delay of the monthly period depends on the knowledge of the cause of delay in particular so as to facilitate treatment if the cause of delay is a defect in the thyroid gland treatment of the thyroid caused the return of the menstrual cycle to regularity again.

The doctor should be consulted if the course is delayed for more than 6 months for a medical examination and to know the reasons for delayed menstruation or if the menstrual period does not reach adulthood at 16 years.

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