What causes the problems of digestion in the elderly?

Digestive problems are common problems among the elderly. What are their causes and how can they be confronted? To answer these questions, the German nutritionist Ove Knop said that the problems of digestion in old age due to several reasons, including relaxation of the muscles of the esophagus, which leads to difficulties swallowing.

At the same time less gastric secretion of digestive juices, leading to anorexia, as well as decreased bowel activity in the old age.

Other causes of digestion problems include reduced ability to taste, decreased thirst and difficulty chewing because of poor dental health and decreased salivation, as well as certain diseases such as allergies or bowel infections.

Digestive problems lead to constipation or diarrhea, as well as bloating, fullness and abdominal pain, general weakness and wasting due to undernourishment and poor food absorption.

To cope with the problems of digestion, Knop is advised to stay away from fatty foods, quit smoking and avoid stress, as well as to exercise and integrate activities in everyday life, such as climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator.

Foods such as whole grains, vegetables and fruits should be eaten with nutrients, as they stimulate bowel movement, as well as drinking enough water to stimulate salivation.

If these measures do not work in the face of problems of digestion, then consult your doctor to determine the real cause behind and treatment in a timely manner. 

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