What causes sudden fainting in children?

The German magazine “Eltern” reported that the loss of children awareness of several reasons, including the simple and dangerous. The causes of loss of consciousness are long standing, lack of fluids, lack of sleep, anger, and violent screaming, the magazine said.

Serious causes include heart disease, or neurological diseases, such as epilepsy.

Parents should pay attention to signs that precede loss of consciousness, namely vertigo, feeling of weakness, wasting, and numbness, stressing the need to call an ambulance, if the loss of consciousness, accompanied by shortness of breath or continuous convulsions or rapid or slow heartbeat or in case The loss of consciousness lasts for more than two minutes.

Until the ambulance arrives, the child must remain lying on his side, with the tight clothes relaxed to breathe well, and avoid giving the child any medicines or drinks.

In all cases, a doctor should be consulted to determine the underlying cause of the child’s loss of consciousness. 

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