What causes rheumatism

One of the diseases that affect the eye is the rumen of the eye and many people are looking for the causes of theoccurrence, where there are multiple causes of eye injury and occur because of the injury of the human eye muscle strain, which leads to constriction of the eyelid causes the injury of the eye and usually the upper eyelid, and through this article we will Showing what causes the rumen of the eye and follow us.What causes rheumatism

There are many reasons for the rumen of the eye in humans may be of them reasons can be controlled by others and not the most important reasons.

One of the most important causes of rheumatism is the exposure of the human during the day to fatigue and exhaustion so that the efforts of the human affects his nervous system.

And thus affect the eye, especially the muscle surrounding the eye.

Lack of sleep greatly affects the nervous system in humans, which affects the muscle of the eye, especially the contraction of the eyelids and thus increase the rumen of the eye.

When the eye is exposed to allergies and dust, the rumen occurs, which leads to sending signals to the nerves of the eye to enter foreign objects to the eye.

Exposure of the eye to some surgeries leads to the rumen of the eye and may concern many people when exposed to the problem, but no risk of them.

Smoking is one of the most common diseases that lead to eye injury. The side effects of smoking are the occurrence of multiple muscle stiffness, and thus the muscle of the eye becomes weak and suffers from convulsions.

There are many other reasons that lead to the rumen of the eye including:.

  • Take stimulants and drinks full of caffeine.
  • Watch mobile devices and televisions and sit for a long time in front of the screens leading to the rumen.

Eye injury can be irritating and this is because of its recurrence on a daily basis, and there are some cases that last for weeks.

And may extend for months and may occur that one of them have some disorders, which may hurt his career.

There are many chronic cases of cleft eye which may cause the owner to stare constantly.

Or keeping the eyes open and may sometimes cause vision confusion.

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