What causes obesity in children?

What causes obesity in children and how can they be avoided?

“Obesity is the most important underlying cause of obesity in children and is caused by defects in the composition of chromosomes, in genes, and obesity may be an essential symptom,” said Dr. Noha Abu El-Wafa, a pediatric consultant at Kasr El-Ein and a member of the Egyptian Society of Pediatrics and Obstetricians. In some genetic syndromes, it is a common genetic disease, showing obesity in early life.

It is noted that it can be easily diagnosed by the work of specialized genetic analyzes, in addition to psychological factors, where obesity is often due to psychological reasons in the vicinity of the child from his family or school, and there are some children overdose sweets as a form of frustration or depression.

She added that the factors social and environmental, where the factors are the most prominent causes of obesity, such as: lack of movement and lack of exercise and lack of sleep hours. Eating 
habits to 
sit in front of TV sets and computer for long periods, along with food that they provide to the quality of children, especially ready – made meals.

Noha explained that there are factors that may be sick child may be one of the diseases that limit the movement of fractures and diseases of the heart for a long time, which leads to the child’s obesity, for example, endocrine diseases, brain diseases, or recurrent arthritis and fractures, as well as the presence of some drugs that Its side effects increase the appetite abnormally and increase the child’s weight.

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