What causes malnutrition in children?

Child malnutrition is the lack of adequate daily intake of food, which contains important nutrients. Anorexia in children is one of the causes of malnutrition. Many children are exposed to malnutrition during various age stages. Dr. Jamal Shafiq Ahmed, head of psychological studies Children ‘s Ain Shams University , the most important causes of malnutrition among children , a

Causes of malnutrition in children

1. Inadequate breast milk, with no supplemental supplemental diet.

2. The mother’s use of artificial milk is inappropriate for the child’s age and health.

3 – the wrong or sudden weaning of the mother of the infant.

4 – neglect of the child and lack of interest in nutrition, as a result of the illness of one parent and especially the mother.

5 – Lack of basic nutrients provided to the child, both in quantity and quality.

6 – Lack of food that appears in poor areas.

7 – The rapid growth of the body of the child in some stages and increased need for some elements, minerals and vitamins.

8 – Eating disorders and appetite.

9 – disorders of absorption of food in the intestines.

10 – Infection of the child with acute disease (chronic diarrhea).

11 – Infection of the child with chronic disease and uncontrolled, such as (heart disease, blood or kidney).

12 – Frequent frequent reflux or vomiting, which loses the body of the child a high percentage of the value of food.

13 – the existence of psychological disorders or emotional or neurological in the child.

14. The child was subjected to major and frequent surgeries.

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