What causes freckles after birth and what are the treatment methods?

The appearance of freckles on the face, shoulder and chest during pregnancy or after birth is considered a natural thing during that stage. What are the causes of freckles after childbirth and how to treat freckles after birth?

Dr. Mahja Hanna Girgis, a dermatologist, said that it is important to note that the occurrence of certain skin changes due to hormonal changes that occur in women in pregnancy is a natural phenomenon. The body, especially the skin, increases the chances of pigmentation and the appearance of the cost of pregnancy and freckles on the skin.

It is possible to treat freckles after birth in several ways, including the treatment of freckles but the results are not satisfactory and fast in most cases, and chemical peeling fruit acids of the methods that come with quick and good results where chemical peeling is one of the best ways to treat freckles after childbirth.

Dr. Mahja says that the woman may need a number of sessions, ranging from 5 to 4 sessions to get rid of postnatal freckles.

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