What causes delayed pregnancy?

What are the causes of delayed pregnancy after marriage and how can treat these causes and accelerate pregnancy and childbearing?

The main causes behind delayed pregnancy.

There are many reasons for delayed pregnancy in women and men, but vary between the two. The most important reasons are:

– Women are exposed to problems in the lining of the uterus as a inflammation or growth of cells outside the uterine cavity, which leads to block the tubes and prevent the egg and sperm from meeting.

– Disorders of ovulation due to hormonal imbalances and weight loss or rapid acquisition and stress.

– Progesterone decrease in the body due to exposure to thyroid disease or prolactin malformation or even fatigue and exhaustion.

Causes of delayed pregnancy in men

– Lack of semen quality or any weakness in the sperm or lack of number and weakness of movement.

– The speed of ejaculation.

– The incidence of varicose veins that lead to fever testicles, which may affect the production of sperm.

If you suffer from one of these problems do not be afraid there are effective treatments for all these cases. Just consult your doctor and he or she will help you with your health. We followed in subsequent topics to see the multiple treatments for these cases.

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