What causes bleeding in the first months of pregnancy?

Some women may encounter some blood during the first months of pregnancy with some painful symptoms. What are the causes of these secretions and how dangerous are they to pregnancy?

Dr. Ahmed Amin, Consultant Gynecologist in Haditha for your health today said that there are many reasons that cause blood to fall with pregnancy in the first months, which is the ointment is the beginning of implantation of the fertilized egg inside the lining of the uterus after transmission from the fallopian tube and accompanied by the exit of some minor droplets and short duration .

Or may result from a small separation in the placenta’s limbs, which causes the descent of some blood, and the amount of this blood varies from one woman to another, and this bleeding either to decrease and stop to continue pregnancy, or not stop and increases abortion occurs

Other causes include drops of blood at the time of the menstrual cycle. This has nothing to do with abortion. This is called gazelle pregnancy, just like the gazelle in pregnancy. It has some blood at the time of the cycle.

In most cases, the pregnant woman is advised in the first months to adhere to the full comfort in the bed and not to stress with any household burdens until the signs of abortion stop, with the need not to lift the heavy objects at home and work and the need to move away from the movement of many or quick and sudden and consult the doctor. And fetus.

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