What causes bleeding during pregnancy in the first and last months?

Bleeding in pregnancy, whether in the first or last stages of pregnancy, many pregnant women do not know what is the cause of the bleeding and how to act, what caused the bleeding in pregnancy, both in the early stages of pregnancy or the last?

Dr. Hana Abdel Moneim, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology, said that bleeding is a result of blood coming out of the vaginal opening at a time other than the usual period. The causes of vaginal bleeding in pregnancy vary during the first and last months of pregnancy, explaining the difference between them.

Causes of hemorrhagic bleeding occur during the first months of pregnancy

– Ectopic pregnancy

– Cluster load

– Access to abortion

And suggests that there may be a large amount of blood and does not mean the occurrence of the case of abortion, but the pregnant hasten to consult with the doctor following the pregnant to ensure the presence of the fetus necessary tests

Causes of hemorrhagic bleeding occur during the last months of pregnancy

– Microbial infection in the uterus

– There is a problem in the placenta

Vaginal bleeding during the last months of pregnancy is often the result of the early separation of the placenta from the wall of the uterus and usually accompanied by a painful mother in the abdomen with a decrease in the amount of oxygen needed for the fetus.

Do not treat pregnant women with popular recipes in that case and speed up the visit to the doctor.

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