What causes black lines to appear on nails


It is known that nails are the solid material that covers both the fingers of the hands and feet. The outer layer of nails consists of both keratin and protein. The basic function of nails is to protect the blood vessels as well as the human bones as well as protecting the nerves. The color and shape of the nails For many diseases affecting the body.Black nails

At times, the nails may be exposed to black lines, and these lines do not pose a danger to human health if they are long lines or narrow transverse, due to the emergence of natural causes, the most important in the aging or the result of excessive intake of some drugs, which is from However, if these lines are dark and wide, where the width of one line of about 3 millimeters, this certainly indicates the incidence of human diseases such as various cancers, as well as melanoma , And from Here the patient is required to rush to go to the specialist and the specialist immediately to take the necessary action towards it.

There are many drugs that cause the appearance of these lines because of some of the chemicals in them.

  • The proliferation of nerve cells in the nails especially in the pulpit, in this case should go to the doctor until the diagnosis of the situation well and give appropriate treatment.
  • If these lines are thin, be it longitudinal or transverse, it does not indicate any danger, the cause may be fungi or age, but the risk lies in the fact that these lines are very much
  • It is a cancerous tumor, a serious tumor that can not be ignored by the individual, the melanoma, so be careful to consult your doctor as soon as possible.
  • You may be exposed to a hidden skin disease that can infect an individual who is not aware of the effects appear on the nails, in this case must go to the doctor to detect it.
  • Fingernails
  • White spots are a sign of calcium deficiency in the body and may appear as half-circle or sporadic and the solution is to eat foods rich in calcium.
  • White nails indicate problems in the liver and can go to the doctor to diagnose the infection and resolve it in a sound and fast manner.
  • Yellow nails indicate the presence of fungal infections that affect the nails completely with the thickness of the unusual, and is treated by medication prescribed by the doctor by mouth.
  • Horizontal white lines indicate a kidney problem, liver disorders or lack of many proteins and vitamins, and this also indicates a defect in blood supply to the nails.
  • The green color indicates the exposure of the nails to the court or sudden pressure or due to lack of interest in cleaning nails, which helps to collect bacteria and fungi in this case, you should see your doctor to give the person antibacterial medicine and fungi until completely rid of that problem or worsened.


  • Tea oil :  Mix two tablespoons of tea oil and olive oil and the nails are painted three times a day.
  • Vinegar :  Mix the vinegar with two tablespoons of water and soak the nails in the solution for a quarter of an hour.
  • Garlic oil :  Mix garlic oil with vinegar where the mixture is placed on the nails and damaged with a bandage and this process stopped the activity of fungi.
  • English salt :  Dissolve a spoonful of English salt in lukewarm water and soak the nails in it.
  • Aromatic oils :  Essential oils are resistant to fungi.
  • Oil :  Manicure the nails with orange oil using a piece of cotton or dropper, but not recommended for those who suffer from .
  • Henna, vinegar and honey :  Kick henna with vinegar and honey and paint nails twice a day for a week.
  • Black bean with sulfur, gum bees and vinegar :  The black bean is milled and added to the yellow sulfur, apple vinegar and beeswax so that it becomes like palm and nail nails before sleeping for twenty days.


Yellow nails

Yellow nails indicate lack of interest in cleaning after nail polish is used. It may also indicate at times that there is insufficient blood supply to the fingertips. It may also indicate diabetes or some other respiratory disease or indicate some disturbances and lung problems. People, and therefore should anyone who notices the yellowing of his nails to clean it immediately to make sure that this change in the color of nails due to lack of cleanliness or to be infected with some diseases.

Green nails

May indicate that the nails have been hit or struck by sudden pressure or may indicate at times the lack of interest in the cleanliness of the area surrounding the nails, where the change in the color of the nail green color of the presence of fungi under it, and this is addressed by taking some creams and anti-fungal ointments While also taking care to consult a specialist.

 White nails

These nails indicate the exposure to some injuries or erosion in the nails and may also be due to the infection of various fungi, psoriasis and eczema, and may also indicate anemia and anemia This problem is overcome by attention to eating healthy and healthy food contains important elements of the body such as iron and acid Folic acid

The appearance of half a white circle on the nails b

Some people are natural and do not indicate at the same time the injury of human disease, which indicates a lack of calcium element and can be addressed by the attention to eat some foods important to the body and rich in calcium, such as eggs and milk and cheese, with a lot of Eat a wide range of calcium-containing supplements after you have consulted your doctor and therapist.

Purple nails

These nails indicate that they are deprived of enough oxygen and at the same time indicate many problems in the circulatory system as well as some congenital problems.

 Red nails

Indicate the incidence of brain hemorrhage and some heart diseases, as well as the incidence of lung disease and psoriasis.

  • Keep the nails clean and dry: This will prevent bacteria from growing under the nails, reduce the exposure of the nails to water, and frequent exposure to water to nail, and therefore advised to wear gloves during cleaning or washing dishes.
  • Nail pruning and cleaning: This will prevent bacteria from being concentrated under the nails, and can be used as nail scissors or chilled.
  • Use of moisturizing lotions: When using such ointments, be sure to reach the nails, and the skin under the nails.
  • Use of biotin: Some research suggests that biotin has beneficial effects for nails, and you should consult your doctor about the use of biotin.

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