What causes anorexia in children and how can they be treated?

Anorexia is considered one of the most common problems for children. Many children suffer from lack of desire to eat or loss of appetite especially in the early stages of the child. The child may not complain of any problems affecting food appetite. Loss of appetite in children and how can overcome that problem?

Dr. Noha Abu Al-Wafa, pediatric consultant at Al-Ayni Hospital, said that the loss of appetite in children does not require any abnormalities due to anorexia. It may be a temporary problem and to treat anorexia.

Causes of anorexia in children

Eating sweets and sugars in quantities and not enjoying enough rest and exercise.

The child’s anxiety, tension, sadness and fear may affect the centers of satiety of the brain.

The insistence of the mother to feed the child in large quantities of food, which may push the child to try to escape from eating those quantities

Inadequate timing of child food intake

The infection of some worms and parasites in the digestive system.

Treatment of anorexia in children

Pay attention to the child and create an atmosphere of happiness and fun while taking the child to the pillar

Do not force the child to eat because each child has his own ability.

Do not force the child to eat certain foods.

Taking into account the child’s tendencies in the food provided

Use some vitamins to open the baby’s appetite to eat such as vitamin B1, B2 and B6

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