What causes abnormal vaginal discharge?

Some women suffer from abnormal secretions and cause either yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis, but their symptoms and treatments are different because they are a separate vaginal infection that occurs due to different organisms.

Yeast Infection :

Yeast infection is caused by candida yeast and causes a feeling of itching or burning, depending on how bad its condition is on the quality of the secretion; if it is thick and watery at the same time as cheese, it is treated and treated over a prescription.

Bacterial vaginitis:

Bacterial vaginitis occurs because of a defect in the natural bacteria in the body, which is usually described by women as having a fish-like smell and the color of their secretions is grayish yellow. The concern of women here is the bad smell that is issued and not the itching. If you notice these symptoms, you should follow up with your doctor.

Although vaginitis can heal on its own, the treatment is often antibiotic.

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