What causes abdominal gases

What causes the abdominal gases No one suffers from the associated cramps, and generally the person ejects the gases at least 12 times or more a day, and some people who suffer from excessive gases and pain most of the time throughout the day, and the absence of gas leads to pain The abdomen is sharp and intermittent.What causes abdominal gases

The problem of gases is a very common problem. It is normal for a man to come out of the gas in the form of a wind from 14 to 25 times a day, while women are between 7 and 12 times a day. These gases are produced in the digestive system by beneficial bacteria that complement digestion of undigested food in the colon, and some medical problems may also cause abdominal gases, such as constipation and nervous colon. The good news here is that these problems can be controlled by regulating your diet And lifestyle.What causes abdominal gases

Abdominal gas produces irritable health problems that cause:

• Strong pain and abdominal cramps.

• Exhaling gases from the abdomen by burping or issuing abdominal wind.

• Abdominal swelling and increase in size than normal.What causes abdominal gases

  • Swallowing the air with the speed of the eater
  • Over-eating
  • Food is lacking to balance
  • Foods containing scorching seasonings
  • Eat corrupt foods
  • Drink water during eating
  • Soft drinks
  • Eat in case of fatigue or emotional stress
  • Eat foods that are not digested well and leave behind the residues that brew like onions, beans and cabbage
  • Eat some drinks containing
  • Frequent intake of milk and dairy products
  • Eat foods high in fiber, such as cereals and vegetables

What causes abdominal gasesAnise
Drinking anise tea with its sugar reduces the strength of the gases. Bring the boiled anise like the way the tea works perfectly but on condition that it leaves to boil on fire for 5 minutes. 
Anise tea also helps in the treatment of colic caused by poor digestion.

Chamomile flowers 
emulsion of chamomile flowers expel the abdominal gases, and remove the pain of the resulting colic, and the emulsion is prepared by half a tablespoon of chamomile flowers, also known as cat eye flowers, for each cup of hot water to boiling, and left for five minutes after the hot emulsifier, Do not drink more than two cups a day with the need to refrain from smoking and coffee or tea

Water of
orange blossom water of 5 points per cup of drinking water completely eliminates gases, and sells orange blossom water in sterile bottles and coated with sophisticated perfume shops

Pomegranate or black bean, which is well grounded in food, is used to dispel wind and bulge. This is because the black bean contains volatile oils that significantly benefit the treatment.

Water ringThe boiling water of the ring with the seeds of the ring and the result of which is useful in the treatment of colic tendrils of the wind and intestinal glands, and drink this boiled tea ring preparation with the addition of a little sugar to him, and that by the cup immediately after breakfast, and another cup after dinner directly as well as the occurrence of abdominal gas symptoms .

Thyme tea
that drink thyme tea with a little sugar goes and analyzes the wind and colic.

Fry the fennel and
add the fennel to the cooked food immediately after cooking. (Before it calms), expel the gases by a teaspoon of finely ground fennel.

is given boiled fennel for children as an enema to reduce intestinal colic caused by gases, and known colic in the child (Almmgos), and that we see the child shrinks and raises his knees to his stomach with pain accompanied by crying.

drinking cinnamon tea goes intestinal colic, removes wind.

benefit Drenched 25-30 grams of coriander (coriander) land crushed in a liter of water to treat indigestion, bloating and abdominal winds, drink

to treat abdominal cramps and expel gases and wind, put a tablespoon of cumin in a liter of water, and boil on the fire, and taken from this boiling half a cup before eating half an hour, three times a day, a rate of one dose before each meal. For a period of two full weeks so that this treatment can be an excellent result.

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