What are the ways to enlarge the size of the natural breast ?

Breast enlargement may be a desire for some ladies to the appearance of the bride’s beauty, and some women to wear breast braces lining the large size of the breast, what natural methods and effective mixes to enlarge the size of the breast naturally.

Today, Madam, we offer you a range of natural breast augmentation mixes and the most important foods that contribute to increasing the size of the chest without resorting to enlarging the chest or chest fillings, which cause many health damage to women.

Mixings enlarge the size of the chest

Mix the ring : Mix two spoons of food from the ring brewed with a cup of hot water, and boil on the fire for a quarter of an hour, then add to them a tablespoon of yeast, and let the mixture to cool, then put it on your chest and Dlkih for 20 minutes, and leave it for two hours. It is best to bend your chest with olive oil before putting the recipe on it.

Mix the chickpeas and the rose water : Dilute two tablespoons of food from the ground ring with two tablespoons of ground chickpeas, add a little rose water and two tablespoons of orange peel and mix the ingredients well, set them on fire to be homogeneous with each other, then lap your chest circularly and lightly for 10 minutes, and you will see the result After two weeks.

Mix oils : Mix the same amount of olive oil and oil ring amber oil (if you have), and better not to increase the amount of half a cup, and begin massaging your chest out in a circular fashion, for half an hour, and then I passed a piece of ice on your chest until completely melt, this Mix increases your chest and tightens at the same time.

Cactus and amber recipe to enlarge the breasts : Mix the amount of cactus oil by amber and ring well and then massage the area of ​​the breasts, the arena will help you to enlarge the breasts naturally and youth and amber to hide the smell of the ring and disposal.

Foods that contribute to normal size of breast

Whole grains, such as oats, barley and brown rice, contribute to reducing the secretion of testosterone, which inhibits normal growth of the breasts, especially since this hormone is produced in very small amounts in women. In the case of excessive secretion, women develop certain male characteristics, Such as small breasts size.

Soybeans and beans : stimulates the production of estrogen, which is primarily responsible for the growth of breast tissue and is characterized by it does not raise the chances of breast cancer, as with industrial estrogens.

Caffeine Avoidance : Reducing the intake of caffeine-containing beverages such as tea and coffee will increase the size of the chest and enlarge the breast

Avoid junk food : Contains harmful fats that increase the secretion of the body to testosterone, which reduces the growth of breast tissue and small size of the chest.

Ring : The campaign is one of the most popular foods to increase the milk yield of the breast and contribute to increase the size of the breast and enlarge the chest.

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