What are the symptoms of ovulation?

Ovulation or ovulation is the exit of a mature egg from the ovaries ready to fertilize and pregnancy occurs, and ovulation occurs on day 14 of the menstrual cycle of the cycle of 28 per day, and the egg is valid for vaccination in sperm for 12 to 48 hours after exiting the ovary, although it may fertility period lasts for some women for a week but the egg is more fertile during that period, the piece if you want in pregnancy prefer to practice the relationship with the husband during the week days of ovulation time on the day after at least considered that an effective strategy for the occurrence of pregnancy in the days of ovulation when the mirror .

Ovulation days are calculated easily by counting 14 days from the beginning of the first day of the menstrual cycle for those who have 28 days. For example, if the cycle comes on the 1st day of the month, your ovulation days will be 14 and 15 of the month.

Women who have a menstrual cycle of more than 28 days, but regular, will calculate the days of ovulationin the opposite way. For example, if the cycle comes every 30 days, 14 days of the last day before the next menstrual cycle will be given.

Meaning (30-14 = 16), meaning that your ovulation days are 16 and 17 days of the beginning of your next menstrual cycle.

Women who suffer from menstrual cycle disorders or menstrual cycle are not always regular and change each cycle it is difficult to calculate the days of ovulation in that way, but can be calculated days of ovulation in a natural way and follow the symptoms that appear during the days of ovulation and contribute significantly to your knowledge of the days of ovulation and time Optimal incidence of pregnancy.

One of the natural ways to know the days of ovulation, which you feel is the degree of body temperature increases the days of ovulation slightly, the exit of some vaginal discharge during the days of ovulation to facilitate the relationship with the husband and the ease of access sperm sperm of the egg, feeling of pain down the abdomen and pelvis due to the exit of the egg and stability in the fallopian tube ready for fertilization .

The ovulation test

It is an effective way to know the days of ovulation accurately, where the test strips of ovulation in pharmacies and is working to measure the hormone (LH) luteinizing hormone in urine and because it is high in the days of ovulation, and the test of ovulation days is very suitable for women who have a menstrual cycle is irregular and after Observe some of the symptoms that appear on the body during the days of ovulation and can be confirmed from ovulation test strips.

Symptoms of ovulation

1. High temperature

Measuring your body temperature during the ovulation period is very important and from the ovulation index for women. Regular body temperature recording during the expected ovulation period will help you know when your body temperature rises. You can record the temperature in the morning before you get out of bed on a sheet and follow the change in temperature Which increases during the ovulation periodto be one of your important ovulation markers.

In the days of ovulation, the temperature rises by 0.2 degrees Celsius and the high temperature continues until the next menstrual cycle if there is no pregnancy or even the period of pregnancy due to changes in the level of hormones and fertilization of the egg.

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2 – change in vaginal discharge

The change in the nature of the vaginal secretions during the ovulation period is noticeable, because increased vaginal secretions during the ovulation days to facilitate the movement of sperm to the egg and keep them healthy and strong.

In the normal days before ovulation, the area is free of excretions and the vaginal dryness is noticeable. During the ovulation period, the presence of secretions on the toilet paper, which attaches egg whites, and signs of ovulation , is observed. You have .

3 – feeling pain down the abdomen .

About one-fifth of women feel some pain in the lower right side of the abdomen with a feeling of colic that may extend to minutes or hours as a result of the ovulation of the ovary.

7 Tips To Increase Your Pregnancy

1 – The practice of marital relationship : One of the means that increase the likelihood of pregnancy to be a relationship before one or two days of the ovulation period , and some women suffer from menstrual cycle disorders, but sperm live alive and able to fertilize the egg and the occurrence of pregnancy for five days, To increase the chances of pregnancy, the relationship can be practiced two days before ovulation and continues day after day after ovulation for two days.

2 – Sleeping on the back after the relationship : For pregnancy, women need to facilitate the access of sperm to the egg to fertilize for sleep on the back after the relationship for half an hour helps the arrival of sperm sperm to the ovosa.

3 – Do not use the lye : Especially in the period of ovulation do not use vaginal soap or anything that can reduce the strength of sperm cells and effectiveness, which can change the pH of the vagina and kills sperm cells.

4 – Know your ovulation date : Knowing the signs of ovulation from high temperature and change invaginal secretions and others contribute to determining your ovulation period, which facilitates the chances of pregnancy .

5 – Distance from stress : Tension and anxiety contribute significantly to the delay of pregnancy, so exercise in the exercise of relaxation during your ovulation.

6 – Healthy weight : Most studies indicate that weight gain reduces the incidence of pregnancy as a result of storing hormones in fat around the body, so keep your weight appropriate to facilitate the occurrence of ovulation and pregnancy.

7 – Selection of the sex of the baby : Some women want to have children and some others want to females and there are no sure methods to that, but some studies indicate that the sperm cells carrying the chromosome of the anniversary is 7 times faster than sperm cells that carry the female chromosome, Desire for a newborn male The relationship can be exercised 12 hours before ovulation or near the time of ovulation. If you want to have a female, the relationship can be practiced two days before ovulation, allowing for large amounts of sperm cells that carry the female chromosome.

This method is only theoretical and its success rate is only 50%.

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