What are the symptoms of diabetes in men?

A disease usually occurs when hyperglycemia increases. Sugar (glucose) is needed by the body in sufficient quantities to become energy efficient. The pancreas insulin can convert enough amounts of sugar into the energy. The problem is when it can not The pancreas is an insulin product. In this case, glucose can not be converted into energy. This is evidence that a person has diabetes. Since there are many questions about the symptoms of diabetes in men,  we will be careful to answer this question in Following.

What are the symptoms of diabetes in men?

There are some signs that are evidence that the person has diabetes, and in this case he should consult with the doctor and follow all instructions that tell him, and symptoms of diabetes in men include the following:

  •  Feeling thirsty and eating a lot of water is unusual.
  •  The constant desire to urinate is due to problems related to inflammation in the urinary tract.

Diabetes and weight

  •  There is a problem with weight, whether it’s weight gain or weight loss.
  •  Feeling tired though not much effort.
  •  Sometimes an individual may feel after seeing clearly.
  •  When you get any wounds, even if they are minor, they can not heal quickly.
  •  Feeling nauseous when eating anything even if it is simple.
  •  A person can be observed to be exposed to infections in different places in no apparent cause.
  • They also appear as dark skin in some different places especially in wrinkle places.
  •  Feeling bumps in both feet and at different times.
  •  The smell of the mouth changes either in the form of aroma or aroma of acetone.

We have been careful to show you the   symptoms of diabetes in men and when you notice these symptoms should immediately go to the specialist doctor.

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