What are the symptoms of childhood immunodeficiency syndrome?

Immunodeficiency in children The problems faced by many mothers, what symptoms appear on children and indicate the lack of immunity in the child?

The children suffer from immune deficiency of the immune system and are highly exposed to microbial enemy, says Dr. Noha Abu Al-Wafa, a pediatric consultant at Al-Ayni Palace, adding that it may be difficult to control with conventional treatments.

For example, a child is infected with bacterium poisoning by blood or bronchitis twice or more, or bacterial infections of the cellular membranes, lymph nodes or inflammation of the pectoris of the ear three times more and more.

Dr. Neha adds that microbial infections may occur in unusual places such as brain abscesses, frequent skin abscesses, or unusual microorganisms, such as some fungi that are diagnosed by the farm.

Dr. Noha points out that there is a possibility of infection with normal microbes that affects all children, but in an unusually severe manner. Instead of leading to sore throat or dermis, inflammation causes chronic inflammation, chronic diarrhea, severe skin rash or severe pneumonia, which may require hospital treatment .

Dr. Nuhah stressed that it is important to keep in mind that not every child suffering from recurrent infections has functional dysfunction in the immune system, but there are reasons for the nature of the recurrence of infection, which is more prevalent than immunodeficiency diseases, for example, early mixing in preschools before the maturity of the immune system Before the age of 4 years, leads to the spread of viruses and microbes in infants and children, especially if the mother works and is forced to send her child to custody, a patient spread infection to his peers and then transmit the infection after he heals and so on.

Infections caused by poor ventilation of the home, school buses or classrooms are unhealthy habits of closing windows for fear of cold, while children are crowded into a poorly ventilated area, causing microbes to pass through children, she said.

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