What are the symptoms and signs of real birth

With the approach of birth, especially the first birth, many women are wandering in the signs and symptoms of natural birth.

 Feeling light

The pregnant woman who is about to give birth can feel the ease of breathing, such as before pregnancy, due to the descent of the fetus into the pelvis, which reduces the pressure on the diaphragm and the feeling of frequent urination due to pressure on the bladder.

Increased vaginal secretions

Vaginal secretions are mixed with thin blood strings as a result of the exit of the uterine stopper ready for delivery and appear before birth a few hours.

Exit fluid from the vagina

Laminar fluid out of the vagina as a result of rupture of the water bag around the fetus is odorless and the lady feels like urinating on herself and you go to the hospital immediately.

Contractions of the uterus

It is a sure sign of birth (pain, cough, colic) and is regular every 20-30 minutes and gradually increases its intensity and then decreases the time between each contraction until repeated every 5 minutes

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