What are the signs of pregnancy

Every woman dreams of having children because motherhood is instinctive in every woman. Therefore, after getting married, the woman prepares opportunities to know that she has been pregnant and is sure of this news, but not all women can know this in a certain way before they go to the doctor. The menstrual cycle A little women imagine that pregnancy has happened and it has not actually happened.

Therefore, we provide you with a set of guidelines to inform you that you are pregnant without testing:

menstruation :

The menstrual cycle usually occurs every eight, twenty or five and thirty days and if you are late this limit may be pregnancy has occurred but this is not the only way to confirm your pregnancy.


If you have secretions of blood before or after the menstrual cycle, this is normal, but if it occurs in the middle of the month without the cycle itself, it is abnormal and indicates that you are often pregnant.

Breast size:

Hormones change in the body with the beginning of pregnancy and the most parts of the body affected by this change are the two breasts become more sensitive and give you no reason, as they will grow gradually and enlarge the nipples and become more attractive color.


If it occurs in the morning with vomiting, it is one of the most common signs of pregnancy, especially if it comes with a feeling of dizziness and lack of desire to eat food and drinks and it comes often in the early morning in the form of fits continue during the first months of pregnancy, if it appeared For a few days and disappeared, may indicate that you have infections in the stomach.


If you feel very tired and unable to get up from your bed in the morning or sleep early as you used to and desire to sleep throughout the day may be evidence of pregnancy and if lasted for three months, this pregnancy certainly.

Mood changes:

It occurs because of the change of hormones in the body as if you feel very happy and shortly afterwards feel very sad to cry and these symptoms occur sharply and unusual.

Continuous urination:

At the beginning of pregnancy, the fluid in the body increases, which increases the water content in the blood. This makes you want to urinate continuously, but if you are taking medicines, this may be one of the symptoms. If you are sure that you are not taking medicines, it may be evidence of gastrointestinal disorders such as constipation .

Salt test:

You can do a test at home to make sure that the pregnancy occurs in its first days by filling half a cup of salt and then urinating inside it and leave it for a few minutes. If you notice that the salt is reacting with the urine and the foam is similar to the foam of the water, Pregnancy In order to be successful, do it early in the morning because the pregnancy hormone is higher at this time but should not rely on this test only because it is not very accurate.

And when the suspicion of a large proportion of pregnancy, the best means to be sure to consult with a specialist doctor is the means that is not deviated from any other means.

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