What are the reasons for the interruption of the menstrual cycle for long periods?

Ask a reader about the reason for the interruption of the menstrual cycle has a long period of nearly 10 months and does not suffer from any menstrual disturbances by or breastfeeding, what causes the interruption of menstrual cycle? How can I treat the interruption of the menstrual cycle and return to normal? In addition, she suffers from uterine pain.

This is the answer to this question by Dr. George Joakim, Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology, saying: There are several reasons for the interruption of the menstrual cycle for long periods, including: Breastfeeding, and increase the proportion of breast hormone “Prolactin” which can be detected through the analysis can also be observed secretions of Which indicate an increase in the proportion of this hormone, and near the period of blur, which accompanied by menstrual disorders and interruption of long periods.

As for the pains of the uterus, it also has several reasons, such as:

• It may be the result of the delay of the cycle for long periods, which results in congestion in the pelvis, especially in the case that the woman suffers from varicose feet, which increases the chances of congestion in general.

• Use of the coil as a means of contraception, which results in pain in the back and abdomen of some women.

• The fall of the uterus as a result of repeated births.

In general, the woman should go to the gynecologist to do the necessary tests and determine the main cause of the cycle and uterine pain and treatment.

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