What are the psychological and physical symptoms of the menstrual cycle?

Many girls suffer from symptoms of the menstrual cycle, which cause pain and sometimes embarrassment, and do not know how to deal with these symptoms, the most famous menstrual cycle symptoms and how to deal with them and treatment.

What are the symptoms of menstrual cycle?

These symptoms are many of the symptoms of psychological and physical ones

Psychological symptoms:

  1. Rapid anger and irritability.
  2. Tension, anxiety and crying.
  3. Excessive sensitivity
  4. Excessive mood changes.

Physical symptoms:

  1. Rapid fatigue
  2. Bulges in the stomach
  3. Increase in weight
  4. Congestion in the chest
  5. acne
  6. Strikes to sleep if insomnia or sleep too much
  7. Change in eating appetite if it is increasing or decreasing.

How to diagnose the condition:

The most practical way is to make a note or a notebook to record the psychological and physical symptoms and the days that appear during the month. If the symptoms appear around the same days until the cycle appears, these are often the symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle. Keeping a note will not only help you maintain your health and helps you diagnose but also helps you to understand your mental and physical condition when doing this you will be able to adapt to these symptoms.

How to treat PMS symptoms:

  1. A little exercise helps greatly improve the condition especially the psychological state.
  2. Stay with friends and family until there are those who stand by them.
  3. Reduce caffeine.
  4. Minimize sugars.
  5. Diuretics to get rid of excess fluid in the body.
  6. Analgesics for pain and headache.
  7. Some medications, such as contraceptives and antidepressants, but after consultation with a doctor

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