What are the most common problems faced by working women during pregnancy?

According to Dr. Tsebih Nada, Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology, there are many organic problems faced by pregnant women during pregnancy , which may affect pregnancy, fetus and mother together.

Among the most important of those famous problems faced by pregnant labor, for example , may work pregnant women in some places near the X – ray is where , for example, because the vulnerability of women pregnant to those types of radiation is a significant risk to the pregnancy and the health of the fetus and women ‘s health as well, Because exposure to the fetus is very likely to affect pregnancy and pregnancy.

She adds that the work of pregnant women in places that do not have the desired ventilation, which is high temperature or decrease abnormally, directly pregnant women on her body praise pregnancy, this change strongly affects the health status of pregnant women and the health of the fetus as well.

There are other problems such as the work of pregnant women in places where contaminated industries, because such places emit substances that affect the health of the mother and fetus, such as smoke and sulfur, as well as work that requires physical effort that can cause abortion.

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