What are the effects of rapid dieting and weight loss quickly

For weight loss, some people resort to getting rid of excess weight quickly without looking at the damage, says Dr. Donald Hensard of the nutrition professor at

Mayoklink Medical School of the concern that the loss of weight quickly requires a lot of sports effort and that are unhealthy lifestyle

Daily.Rapid damage to dieting and rapid weight loss

Proper weight loss requires a loss of one kilo to two kilos per day in a safe way, knowing that half a kilogram

Of the fat is equivalent to 3500 calories, meaning that every day you lose 500 calories more than the daily requirement of one

Week (500 calories 7 days = 3500 calories)

Lose weight quickly does not guarantee the loss of excess fat in the body that cause obesity, rapid Valregim urges

The loss of water and breakdown of important muscles in the body and remain fat as it is or is affected a few where it is difficult

On the body fat burning in a short period.

In addition to some types of diet based on the loss of 3-5 kg ​​in the first two weeks, such as some regimates

Mayklink but moderate in the following periods to reach from half to one kilo per week research has the body capacity

Enough to burn more fat, while people who apply fast diet stop after the end immediately

Which returns the body to the normal position with an increase in the amount of fat to replace the muscles that have been broken in

Fast diet and the end result is excessive weight and obesity with weak body strength to accept other types of dieting to burn fat.

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