What are the effects of drinking milk after cupping?

Cupping is a type of natural remedies that are through the incision wound in a certain way in the body, and through the bad blood out of the body, and there is a misconception of the need to drink milk after cupping to compensate for the blood that comes out during the performance of the activities of cupping, but this idea is not real, and you will learn about In this article from the site of rajim on the damages of drinking milk after cupping follow us.

Cupping is generally done by a specific machine, which is through the incision is very small wound in painful in the human body region, bring empty cups and heated modern tools more secure than the old ways, which was done by the fire placed inside the cups, then are placed cups Heated up on the wound and then some of the rotten blood droplets are released.

Is a common type in which a few scratches or very slight injury in the patient’s body through which the blood absorbs rotten.

In this type of cupping hot cups are used on the surface of the skin, without removing the rotten blood.

It uses the special cupping performance added to natural oils such as or or camphor oil.

  • This causes nausea and vomiting more than once during the day.
  • Milk contains a high percentage of calcium, after cupping can cause it to disturb the .

It is worth mentioning that the specialists are advised to fast food and staying away from it completely in the case of submission to Hjamp at least three hours, as they warned of drinking milk and cold drinks as well as natural juices and stressed the need to move away from food after cupping time sufficient time for at least three hours.

In the area of ​​cupping, the researchers added that it is necessary to avoid cold air for the area that has been subjected to cupping or even the whole body, and to refrain from eating hot or hot spices or spices for a whole day or at least for six hours after cupping.

Always consult professional experts in the field of modern cupping, which is more safe than old methods, which may cause many of the health risks in general in the body, such as pollution or exposure to infection.

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