What are the colors, flavorings and food preservatives

The Europeans used a range of deceptive ways to trade and deliver their products containing pig fat to the Islamic countries, which failed because the products that contain the effects of pork are banned from entering the Islamic country, which led them to a great loss, which led them to think of a new plan and change the terms used And to wear a new mask marked with the letter (E). So ask all Muslims to make sure to read the contents of any commercial commodity, whether food, health or other before buying, such as checking the expiration of products.Food colorants

For example, soybean, rapeseed oil, palm oil, flaxseed, cow’s milk, and plant constituents, which indicate that the product contains pig fat, are accompanied by a group of codes encoded in letter E,

E100 and E110 and E120 and E 140 and E141 and E153 and E210 and E213 and E214 and E216 and E234 and E252, E270 and E280 and E325 and E326 and E327 and E334 and E335 and E336 and E337 and E422 and E430 and E431 and E432 and E433 and E434 and E435 and E436 and E440 and E470 and E471 and E472 and E473 and E474 and E475, E476 and E477 and E478 and E481 and E482 and E483 and E491 and E492 and E493 and E494 and E495 E542, E570, E572, E631, E635 and E904.

Note that there are also goods and products with these symbols and may not contain pig fat but have different damages we clarify as follows:

E101 and E102 and E103 and E111 and E120 and E123 and E124 and E126 and E127 and E128 and E141 and E152 and E210 and E213 and E214 and E206 and E234 and E252 and E270 and E280 and E325 and E326 and E327 and E334 and E336 and E337 and E374 and E420 and E422 and E430 and E431 and E432 and E433 and E434 and E435 and E436 and E442 and E470 and E471 and E472 and E473 and E474 and E475 and E476 and E477 and E478 and E780 and E481 and E482 and E483 E488, E489, E491, E492, E493, E494, E495, E542, E550, E570, E577, E591, E631, E632, E633 and E904.

E104, E122, E141, E150, E153, E171, E173, E180, E240, E214, E477 and E151

E226, E224, E223, E211 and E221.

E320, E321, E250, E251 and E252.

E127, E124, E123, E120, E110 and E102.

E103, E105, E111, E217, E239, E330, E121, E125, E126, E127, E130, E152, E181, E211, E212, E213, E214 and E215.

E102, E123, E124, E131, E142, E210, E211, E212, E213, E214, E215, E217, E220, E239, E251, E330 and E311.

E221, E223, E224 and E226.

E230, E231, E232, E233, E311 and E312.

E320, E312, E463, E464 and E466.

E338, E339, E340, E341, E407, E450, E461, E462, E463, E465 and E466.


E250, E231, E232, E233, E311 and E312.

E132 and E140 and E160 and E161 and E163 and E170 and E174 and E175 and E200 and E201 and E202 and E203 and E236 and E237 and E238 and E260 and E261 and E262 and E263 and E281 and E282 and E300 and E301 and E302 and E303 and E304 and E305 and E306 and E307 and E308 and E309 and E322 and E331 and E332 and E333 and E335 and E400 and E401 and E402 and E403 and E404 and E405 and E405 and E406 and E408 and E410 and E411 and E413 and E414 And E421.

I hope that our responsibility as Muslims will be realized by following the Islamic Sharia, avoiding the Haram and avoiding and spreading these symbols to every Muslim in the world and trying to advise everyone around him. He and his family and friends will check the contents of their homes of imported goods and products, whether Arabic or foreign. In its contents to the existence of codes encoded by the letter (E) mentioned above.

The figure next to the letter E reflects the type of additive

100-180 – Colored materials 
200-252 – Preservatives 
260-297 – Sour substances 
300 – 385 – Antioxidants 
400-429 – Coagulants 
430-499 – Emulsifiers 
620-640 – Improved substances 
950-967 – Local substances

There is also a list of materials with an unprecedented letter E

Each product is used as needed. Colors are used to preserve the color of the product or to make the food attractive. It attracts the consumer. Sweeteners are used with or without sugar for food desalination and preservatives help to conserve food for longer by protecting food from bacteria and emulsions. And dissolved in some (do not allow the separation of water from oil, for example)

The taste enhancers enhance or reduce the smell of food to become acceptable to the consumer Who should be interested in the subject of E? The following people are the most important of those who should pay attention to the material E:

Vegetarians, children, ((Muslims)), people with asthma, people with diseases and the most important allergies against aspirin, and everyone is careful and eat what enters and enters the body and blood and lung.

Some additives contain “animal” components such as:

Extracted from insects Cactus beetles Watch video How to extract this article

E441, an animal gelatin that is sometimes extracted from boiling the skin of the pig.

E920 containing whale oil.

E542 is the bones of crushed animals.

E901 is bees wax.

Sensitive to : E132 E131 E102 E110 is considered to be an effective anti-aspirin.

It is dangerous that some substances E are genetically modified, and even more dangerous is that some substances are derived from animals fed “genetically modified” substances. It is worth mentioning that some substances E and called (excitotoxins), which have been controversial in the scientific community in that it leads to some diseases of neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s and autism and dyslexia in children and migraines and others … These materials contains the following:

Monosodium glutamate

Vegetable protein decomposition


The latter is one of the localities added to the drinks and foods of the regimens instead of natural sugar – such as diluted yoghurt and cola light and this substance is banned in the United States of gravity.

  •  We should be careful to keep a mini copy in his pocket for all E items he warns about
  • Components of each label should be inspected for food or beverages for E materials

Unfortunately, not all the additives are written publicly even if the product does not contain colors or preservatives

Unfortunately, food companies are not required to advertise the ingredients of their foods and drinks, which may be fish, bread, fast food or wrapped … The 
best advice is not to rely on prepared foods, but to prepare food for young children and infants at home

It is possible to search by this word (E-Numbers) in the search engines to show you many sites proving what was transferred …

I ask God for success for all.

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