What are the causes of infertility among women and what treatment methods are available?

Infertility in women reaches 30%, and in men does not exceed 20%, and there are certainly real reasons for infertility, which are multiple and varied, and each cause a special treatment.

In the opinion of specialists that the word infertility should not be released after at least one year of marital life without getting pregnant, provided regular intercourse at least once a week throughout the year, Dr. Wael Al Banna, Consultant Obstetrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology at Hawa Clinic, Egyptian Health and Woman’s Beauty, Venus, to the readers of Madame and your child who are pregnant.

1 – Vaginal reasons
is blockage prevents the introduction of the penis vagina, as in the cases of non-breaking the supper virginity, if it is very thick, and in cases of severe vaginal tightness, and inflammation of the painful, in addition to the psychological cases of some women, which refuses to intercourse, and claims this case « .

2. Causes of the cervix
* Treatment of the cervix with laser, or severe crying, and excess of the necessary, and became circulated due to the diagnosis of the wrong cervical ulcer and the acceleration of doctors to. 
* Lack of mucus in the cervix, or many, which hinders the passage of sperm. 
* The existence of antibodies working to kill sperm, and here must be artificial insemination.

3 – Causes of the uterus
A – Congenital malformations: Some can be surgically repaired such as a barrier in the uterus cavity, and there is an extra uterine uterus, where the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy, ie in the extra century, and the uterus in the form of – T – can lead to Delayed reproduction or (abortion), these congenital malformations are usually accompanied by deformity of one of the fallopian tubes or both.

B – adhesion within the uterus and
comes due to severe inflammation of the uterus or wound resulting from the removal of a previous fibrous tumor, and to remove this adhesion there is a device for endoscopy, may be forced to repeat the process more than once, and give some drugs, such as Steroids with hormone estrogen for 3 weeks after the operation ; So that the adhesion does not return to its previous state.

C – fibers of the uterus
is a tumor in the uterus muscle may cause a gap in the uterus cavity according to his location, which usually does not cause infertility only if pressure on the uterine cavity, or if there are many fibroids, in this case is recommended to perform surgery to remove these tumors, and try Repair the shape of the uterus.

D – the presence of placenta of the diet: It is similar to the presence of a spiral in the uterus, and the eradication of easy, and can be diagnosed by the rays of the uterus colored, or endoscopy device.

E. Adenomyosis:
A condition called adenomiosis. The woman complains of pain every menstrual cycle. Some hormonal treatments such as GN RH can be used as analogues, but the most recent is surgery to remove endometrial cells.

Chronic obstruction
: If the cross-section of congestion reaches more than 3 cm, it prevents the passage of the egg. Chronic inflammation also causes adhesion. This prevents the eggs from reaching the fertilization process at the right time. 
B – damage the end of the channels (cilia): This causes the failure to fetch the egg inside the channel, and this could be due to infections, or the disease of the lining of the uterus. 
C) adhesion as a result of the surgical operation of one of the two channels: the result of ectopic pregnancy, or surgery due to members of the adjacent pelvis or as a result of inflammation in neighboring organs such as appendicitis. 
D – Palace of the two channels: less than 4 cm. 
E – tumors affecting the fallopian tubes or ovaries, and affect the work of the fallopian tubes.

5 – dysfunction of the ovary a 
– the result of polycystic ovaries. 
There is a difference between the presence of more than normal vesicles and the polycystic ovary, which is sometimes accompanied by symptoms during the menstrual cycle, and one out of five women may have so-called polycystic ovaries, and the number of follicles in both ovaries is more than the number Natural, in which case the fertility of the lady is mostly natural and does not have any problems. 
But when these vesicles are accompanied by one or more pathogens, the disease is called polycystic ovary, and because the primary function of the ovary is the secretion of the hormone and the maturity of the egg and its release, the cause of which is still unknown. 
The presence of small bags in the ovaries does not usually need treatment, because they disappear and the other automatically, but when the diameter of the bag, for example, to 50 mm may require surgical intervention.

B – failure of the ovary in its normal work for the following reasons:
1 – a defect in the genes and chromosomes. 
2 – Deficiency in enzymes such as excessive secretion of excessive milk hormone.

Exposure to certain effects such as exposure to radiation in large quantities, exposure to chemicals such as those used in the treatment of cancers, viruses such as mumps, smoking in large quantities. 
C – Reasons related to the immune system, such as the presence of anti-ovarian. 
D – lack or malfunction of hormone receptors in the ovary. 
And – Surgical removal of the ovary for one reason or another. 
E – physiological failure to work ovary, which causes a decrease in the secretion of the yellow body of the hormone progesterone. 
Y – dysfunction of the pituitary gland, and can be divided into:

1 – secondary disorder in the secretion of hormone LH & FSH. This is because of the high proportion of milk hormone in the body, may be the reason here is unknown, or in the case of milk-producing cells of milk hormone tumors, or the result of some drugs or lack of thyroid secretion, when this rises Hormone for unknown reasons may indicate a tumor of the pituitary gland benign or malignant, or due to a pituitary injury caused by a car accident, or exposure to radiation of a large amount for one reason or another.

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