What are the causes of crying in the first months?

There are many reasons that lead to crying baby, including hunger before the “feeding” or the next meal, after two or three hours of the previous dose, according to the amount taken and may be the cause of thirst crying, the child should be given water between feeds starting from The first week of three teaspoons three times a day and increase the quantity according to the child’s ability especially in the summer months has been observed that the child who breastfed externally needs to drink water between the breast more than the infant from the breast as it is more thirsty because of the high proportion of mineral salts and proteins in animal milk .

The child may cry sometimes after the completion of breastfeeding directly, especially after breastfeeding from the breast and due to:

He wants to continue sucking the nipples and may try to replace it with the fingers of his hands and some mothers mistakenly believe that he is still hungry, and we can mention the most important reasons that make the child cry in the first months:

1 – cold body and limbs in the winter period and the desire to change wet diapers wet or stand out.

2 – obstruction of the nose and difficulty breathing.

3 – Discontent in the situation on which he slept.

4 – Crying during urination due to the narrowness of the opening of the urine at the tip of the penis in males, which requires expansion.

Intestinal cramps or colic.

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