What are the best types of birth control pills?

Birth control pills differ from woman to woman and according to the case of Ms. Heli breastfeeding or not, and ask many women about the best type of pills without side effects?

According to Dr. Samia Fouad, Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology, the type of contraception is generally different. The types of birth control pills are two types.

The first type, which contains progesterone only and is suitable for nursing women and not for a period of more than six months, where less effective in preventing pregnancy for the breastfeeding after that period can be pregnancy if not changed nursing after consultation with the doctor treatment.

The second type, which contains two types of hormones together are the hormones estrogen and progesterone, a famous type, which is often called birth control pills and there are many trade names for this type of birth control pills.

Determination of the type of pill appropriate to be the doctor, where it depends on the medical tests of the woman and analysis and generally is not without the type of grain of the side effects, which is the increase in weight and nervousness and tension and feeling nausea, and the doctor is more able to know the appropriate type of the lady must follow the periodic for three At least months after the use of any type of pill to follow up its impact and evaluate the Ms.

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