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The ring is not just a regular beverage. It has many benefits. It has been researched and proved that 2 grams of the ground ring is equivalent to insulin, so it is used in many countries such as India in the treatment of type 1 diabetes. Pregnancy and childbirth are even in some menopause trouble. The ring contains zinc-bonded chains, which are attributed to the effect on blood sugar, as well as increased amino acids and sulfate, which help convert the beta chains of pancreatic prostheses into effective insulin.Herb fenugreek- Herb grass ranges between 20 – 60 cm, has a hollow leg and branches of small legs each carrying at the end of three long serrated leaves, and from the base of the leg of the leaves showing small yellow flowers, which turn into fruits in the form of horns and the length of 
each century about 10 Cm and contain seeds that are somewhat similar in their overall shape and are yellow in color tend to be vegetables. The plant is a small herbaceous plant that bears fruit in the form of horns. Each fruit bears a number of seeds. There are two types of ring: the regular yellowish yellow ring and the red ring known as the horseshoe, which differ greatly. The ring concerned here is the regular yellow ring. The name of the ring comes from the name “Halba”, which is of Hieroglyphic origin and has other names such as “Gareeva”, “his team”, Fricke, 
milk, Drajrag, Qazifah and Hamit. The ring is known as Trigonella foenum – graecum of the legume …- Seeds and seeds grown

Benefits – For the throat and stomach, chest diseases, cough, asthma and colic,For erectile dysfunction, anemia,If the uterus is cooked in the water and sat in the woman,Give girls in puberty to activate menstruation,The ring- For the expulsion of intestinal worms, for the treatment of lactating women who suffer from milk loss, a basic food for the …

How to use :– Boil and taste honey.- The ring contains pilot oil, which consists of hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons, lactones and canes. The ring also contains a large amount of protein by 28.91% and fatty substances and starch. The most important minerals are phosphorus, which is similar to whale liver oil and alkaloids such as choline, teryjonline, solid substances, fixed oils, soap, sterols and sugars such as galactose and mannose. The ring is also a major source of spogens, which are essential in the construction of steroids. The ring also contains a compound of diazogenine and amyogens.

Original home of the circuit:- The original home of the ring North Africa and the countries bordering the eastern Mediterranean and are currently grown in most regions of the world.- The Egyptian Ebers Papyrus, dating back to about 1500 BC, has been listed as a recipe for burns from the ring. The ring used in ancient Egypt to induce childbirth…- In the fifth century BC, the Greek physician Hippocrates considered the ring as a valuable palliative herb and recommended the world Dasquorides in the first century AD as a medicine for all types of women’s problems including inflammation of the uterus, vaginitis and vagina …- The Arabs knew the ring and narrated that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him visited Saad bin Abi Waqas, a patient, he said I call him a doctor called “Harith bin Klada” and described the ring with the passage of Ajwa cured, and said the Prophet said: “Caught in the ring” …- It has been said in the ring, “If people know the benefits of the ferica to buy it with its weight gold.” “If all medicines were put in balance and the track was on the other side, the other cuff would be changed,” said the world’s Belker Angezi.- Scientists have discovered that when mixing the oil of the ring with castor oil leads to fattening the place to be named Blush cheeks and enlarged chestThe circuit is widely used throughout the world as a nutrient and a drug at the same time. One of the popular uses in the Kingdom is that the peripheral peaks of the green plant as well as the leaves are eaten due to their high nutritional value. Cultivated seeds are also sold in large shops where they are eaten with the authorities. There are some popular dishes in some regions of the Kingdom is the ring in the forefront as it is a delicious item, especially in the month of Ramadan. In the Najd area, the fowl is used for the ring where a main dinner is served with marmalade or mantaziz. People who suffer from gum disease or “muscle rupture in the shoulder muscles” use the sieve of the ring or boiled, they get positive results and there are internal and external uses as follows ..Chest measurement- Fry the seeds of the ring for the treatment of dyspnea, menstruation and diarrhea.- Use the seeds of the ring mixed with honey a teaspoon of powder ring with filling a tablespoon of honey three times a day for the treatment of stomach ulcers and the twelve.- Use boiling boiled seeds of the ring for the treatment of chest pain, especially asthma and coughing by filling a tablespoon of seeds, boil for 10 minutes with a glass of water and drink once a day.- Use the seeds of the ring in the form of sloves at the rate of filling a tablespoon before eating three times a day to reduce blood sugar.- The ring is used as an active stimulant, especially for girls of puberty, at the rate of one teaspoon of sword twice a day.But we recommend that you stay away from them if you start your pregnancy, as it helps with abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy. While it is recommended after birth because of its high health properties in this period.- Use the ring appetizer if taken dipped “spoon eat in the filling of a glass of water and soak for two hours,” and taken before eating directly with the knowledge that this boost strengthens the stomach and facilitate the process of digestion.- If you take a cup of ring infusion on the stomach, it kills intestinal worms of various kinds.- The ring oil was extracted in Egypt for the first time and it was shown from practical experiments that if given to the nurse 20 points three times a day, the milk doubles and increases the size of the breasts and open the appetite to eat.Using a boiling powder ring, take a tablespoon of ring powder and fill it in a cup of boiled water and leave for 10 minutes and then drain and taken from this solution one large spoon three to four times a day to relieve cough cough. Quoting the newspaper Riyadh Monday 29 February 1425 Issue 13086 Year 39 …- We complete our talk about the ring after we mentioned its qualities, value and internal uses we are talking today about external uses …Ring mask- To treat burns, burn them with a mixture of the seedling powder with the rose oil until the burns are cured, God willing.- To treat skin cracking and improve skin color, boiling the seeds of the ring is used as a wash for affected areas twice a day.- for treatment and cold and muscle pain and used seeds of the ring after crushing with garlic clove paste with a little sesame oil and massage by infected areas.- For the treatment of the boils used for the powder of the seeds of the ring, where mixed with a quantity of powder with lukewarm water and moving it constantly until the mixture in the form of a paste coherent and then placed on the boils and wrap a cloth on it is considered the best recipe and do not prefer any treatment to accelerate the opening of the dew and recovery, This prescription can be used for dentures, deworming and fingers, as well as abscesses and anal abscesses caused by obstruction of fistula, eczema and sores in the feet.- Use the cooked powder ring where taken a handful of hand powder ring and placed in three liters of water and boiled for 10 minutes and then cool and sit in a woman suffering from uterine pain and swelling.- Recent studies on the ring has been on the ring clinical studies on the disease and studies have shown a distinct reduction of both blood sugar and cholesterol, and a study on the seed of the ring in order to facilitate delivery and the results were very good and positive. A scientific study on the effect of the ring on liver cancer in experimental animals was the result of a significant reduction of liver cancer.The most important modern uses scientifically proven and registered in each of the constitutions of herbal medicines English, German and American include:- Low blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides.- Facilitating the birth of a child.- Treatment of local infections, burns and sores.- Anti-convulsive.- A stimulant and tonic for the uterus and strengthen the digestive system. A French company has been drinking a drink from the circuit called Biotrecon to treat thinness and appetite.- There is a type of ring that is different from the regular ring called the horse circuit scientifically known as Securigera Secridaca, which is purple color and seeds longer than the regular ring and not used as a food and are very different in use from the regular ring used for the treatment of lower back infections, and should not be used as an alternative to the circuit In any case, the materials available from the ring in the local markets are seeds of the ring grown as well as a pharmaceutical product sold in health food stores and registered with the Ministry of Health and anyone can plant the ring in his home.- Yes, there are caveats where the ring should not be used for pregnant women as it activates the uterus and can fall women when the use of the ring as a treatment, but not in small quantities such as added to some foods or power, and can not be used for children under the age of two years, Insulin-dependent type only after consultation with the specialist. Anyone who works with a blood glucose or cholesterol test should also feel that the laboratory is using the circuit to take into account the increase and decrease in test results. Also interfere with blood clotting drugs as well as with hormones. Quoting the newspaper Al-Riyadh Monday, 07 April 1425 Issue No. 13093 Year 39 …- The circuit can be eaten cooked for nutrition and appetite and to increase weight, as it drinks boiled as it benefits in some disorders of the stomach and chest … .. Also given to girls in the age of puberty to stimulate menstruation, as well as anemia and weakness of structure and appetite …Picture of a girl- The older people described honey with chronic constipation and chest, throat, cough, asthma, phlegm, hemorrhoids and erectile dysfunction, as well as removing the cost of the face …- Recent studies indicate that the oil of the ring produces breast milk and opens the appetite for food.The lactation ring is described immediately after delivery. To increase the secretion of milk, a group of medical studies reported that the ring is considered one of the most important herbs for breast milk. Nutrition experts explained that lactating a large spoon of powdered ring or drinking it with water or milk helps increase the production of breast milk.- It is delicious if taken before dipping the food (20 grams per liter of water) and this soaked strengthens the stomach and facilitate digestion and improve ….- For those who complain of lack of appetite, anemia and withdrawal and mix the ring honey for people with chronic constipation and treatment of chest and weakness of the throat, throat, cough, asthma ….

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