What are the benefits of collagen for skin?

Collagen is a key component of cells that maintains its elasticity, and collagen deficiency leads to wrinkles and thin lines. Collagen may decrease due to several other factors such as prolonged exposure to sunlight, stress.

Collagen is a substance that is found in different images in the body and which depends on the connective tissue tissue in the body and interferes in the composition of most tissues between the tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles, collagen protein is formed naturally within the human body in the bone cartilage and ligaments, Joints and skin, strengthen hair, nails, skin and vital organs.

As age increases, the body’s ability to produce collagen protein decreases and slows down. This has a negative impact on the body’s ability to repair and maintain itself, eventually leading to changes in appearance and flexibility.

What are the benefits of collagen?

– Gives the skin and lips the appearance of fullness.

– Reduces depth of folds and wrinkles.

– Reduces the lines and cracks of “crow feet”.

– Reduces dark circles around the eyes.

– Strengthens skin elasticity.

– Strengthens and strengthens the dangling skin.

– Hides signs of fatigue.

– Provides an active and mature appearance.

– Helps to shine the face naturally.

– Rejuvenates skin and youthful appearance.

– Reduces and moisturizes the skin.

What causes collagen deficiency in the body?

– Natural aging.

– hormonal changes.

– weaken due to lack of movement, aging.

– Waterpox and acne.

– Excessive UV exposure.

– chlorinated water.

– air pollution.

– Cigarette smoking.

– Stress and stress.

– Unbalanced food.

– overweight.

The most important foods that stimulate the production of collagen


2. Soy products

3. Tomatoes

4 – dark green vegetables

5. Foods rich in vitamin

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