What are the benefits of breastfeeding immediately after birth?

Sarsub milk, the first tart of milk that comes down to the mother immediately after childbirth What is important to the child immediately after birth?

According to Dr. Nayel, a professor of pediatrics, breast milk immediately after childbirth has many benefits for the baby. The mother should breastfeed her baby on the same day as the baby, and it is best to startbreastfeeding within half an hour after birth.

Dr. Nile added that the amount of milk after birth is very little at that time and with the start of breastfeeding early helps to start the production of milk quickly, in addition to that strengthens the bond between mother and baby and helps to contract the uterus and prevent postpartum hemorrhage.

Dr. Nayel pointed out that it is recommended to breastfeed the baby from the first breast milk or sarcophagus, which is sometimes transparent and not felt by the mothers especially with the first birth before the normal milk settles. The child feels that it is not enough and the child returns to breastfeeding.

Breast milk immediately after birth is rich in natural antibodies that protect the child from infection.

Dr. Nael added that it is wrong to give the child some fluids such as glucose so as not to expose the child to the risk of infection and delay the delivery of natural breast milk or reduce the amount of dead and because the child feels full and does not breastfeed from the mother.

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