What are pregnancy precautions to follow?

What are the instructions for pregnancy? What medicines can be used during pregnancy? Is the urge to urinate constantly normal in pregnancy? What is the expected increase in weight during pregnancy? Many questions answered by Dr. Hana Abdel-Moneim Professor of the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University, saying:

Pregnant women should pay attention to their health during pregnancy and know that there are some changes that occur during pregnancy which are normal things to worry about. The pregnant woman is a mirror herself, during which pregnancy occurs some hormonal changes.

Pregnant women are most likely to be overweight during pregnancy , ranging from 12 to 20 kg until the end of pregnancy and childbirth. The weight gain should be within the permissible limits, and avoid too much weight gain, so as not to have some pregnancy problems as a result of weight gain Such asgestational diabetes .

She added that pregnancy is not as it is said to be eaten greedily to feed the fetus, but must be eating a diet that maintains the supply of the pregnant all essential nutrients and does not allow weight increase than the normal rate to increase weight in pregnancy.

She adds that some pregnant women complain of frequent need to urinate and enter the bathroom constantly, which is normal in pregnancy, especially during the last months of pregnancy as a result of the weight of the fetus and uterus pressing the bladder, which makes pregnant desire to frequent urination , but in the case of pain during urination should be reviewed Your doctor may have some vaginal or urinary infections that require treatment so as not to affect the safety of pregnancy.

And the use of medicines during pregnancy, you should consult your doctor before taking any special medicine during the first months of pregnancy, where the risk of malformation of the fetus because of drugs is high even if the vitamins must be under medical supervision.

Dr. Hana advises pregnant women to avoid the hard work, especially during the first months of pregnancy, and when feeling tired or tired, it must rest directly to maintain the health of mother and fetus.

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