Weight loss diet 7 kg per month

Fast and effective diet to lose weight 7 kg per month with no return of excess weight again after dieting

Depends on eating three cups of water a day on the stomach with exercise activity such as walking every day for half an hour to achieve the maximum effectiveness in weight loss.

the breakfast

  • 120 g Fruit.
  • A cup of cold milk.
  • Piece Toast.
  • Spoon of honey.
  • A cup of tea without sugar

Snack meal

  • fresh juice.
  • Apple + Islands.


  • Soup based on cereals (chickpeas lentils …)
  • 200 gr grilled protein (beef, chicken, chicken)
  • mixed salad


Salad cucumber yogurt + piece toast

the Dinner

  • Vegetable Salad or Fruit Salad
  • 2 boiled eggs.
  •  13 July 2011

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