Ways to treat diaper infections easily

Many mothers are suffering from diaper infections and can not distinguish between them and any other infection together Learn what your child is suffering and find out why to avoid it

How to Identify Nappy Infections

Nappy infections are not always the same in all children. However, if your baby’s nappy area is thick and red, it may increase the risk of diaper infections. The skin is thick and thick. If it is inflamed 
, the infection may be very mild and may appear as red spots in a small or very large area. May extend at the abdomen and at the thighs

How is your child exposed to nappy infections?

Nappy infections can be caused by anything new. Also, when you leave your baby for a long time without changing the nappy, the child’s urine mixes with the bacteria from the baby’s stool. Ammonia is very hard on your baby’s skin.

This may also be the cause of your child’s sensitivity to any fragrances such as scented napkins. They contain fragrances and are moistened or some detergents used to wash some cloth diapers

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