Ways to treat constipation in children

Constipation is not common in children who rely on breastfeeding. However, the child may suffer from gastric disorders and constipation when starting to eat solid foods. Children may have trouble digesting, causing constipation. Also, when changing the type of milk used for breast feeding, this may also cause constipation.

If your child has irregular bowel movements or pain during defecation, constipation is often the problem. If you want to know the best ways to treat constipation in children , follow this article.

Eat foods high in fiber

Constipation usually occurs at the beginning of children’s intake of solid foods, especially if they contain a small percentage of dietary fiber such as ceral, bananas, cheese, and carrots. Therefore, nutritionists are advised to increase the intake of fiber-rich foods for children to avoid constipation. For example, if you offer rice to your child, replace it with wheat or whole grains.

2 – change the type of milk provided to the child

In the case of artificial feeding, the child may suffer from allergies to certain ingredients present in the milk. Try another type of milk to get rid of constipation.

3 – juice of nettles

Dried plums or plums natural laxative helps to treat constipation. Sprinkle broccoli in water for a while, then drain well and provide small amounts for the baby. Also, apricots, pears, plums of natural laxatives with effective effect.

4 – warm water

Drought is a root cause of constipation. Bring some cooled water to your child to relieve constipation.

5. Massage the abdomen and exercise the bike

Massage the baby’s belly clockwise for some time is very useful to facilitate bowel movement and relieve constipation. The bike exercise also helps to reduce the suffering of the child. Keep the baby’s legs well and hold her and her back several times.

6- Suppressants and laxatives

Although suppositories and laxatives help to reduce constipation in infants, they should not be used without consulting a doctor. These treatments can cause the baby to get used to it and not be able to do the defecation normally afterwards. It may also weaken the anal muscles that help open the anal muscles to remove the stool naturally.

7- Anus paint

Often, constipation may be caused by an infection or rupture of the anus, causing pain during defecation. In this case, it is recommended to use a little cream moisturizer or Vaseline to paint the east opening and surrounding skin, so that the speed of healing wounds and moisturize the skin.

If constipation continues for more than 3 days, consult your doctor to prescribe appropriate treatment.

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