Ways to relieve back pain in pregnant women

This is normal because pregnant women have an increase in weight, which causes a difference in the way they walk because of the high level of hormones, which in turn makes the muscles and ligaments in all parts of the body.

So Madam we will give you the best methods to relieve back pain in your pregnancy period and give you rest and relaxation.

– Methods to relieve back pain for pregnant women:

– Choose the appropriate clothing  

Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes that increase back pain and cause back curvature and varicose veins.

Wear low-heeled shoes or flap shoes. This prevents, reduces, and supports back pain.

Also wear wide pants where you prefer to wear wide pants with a low load belt and a booster.

– Sleep mode on the right or left side

Sleeping on the right or left side is the most healthy sleeping position. It prevents back pain and is useful for the fetus and providing it with sufficient blood throughout the sleep, other than sleeping on the back. It is also useful in relieving the pressure on the back and reducing the risk of causing lower back pain. You can bend one or two knees and put A pillow between the knees and under the abdomen making sleep more comfortable and reducing back pain.

– Exercise

Do some exercise, such as abdominal exercises, to help reduce the weight of the load on your back.

How to apply this exercise by kneeling on your hands and knees so that your back almost straight and then take a long inhalation and exhalation, repeated exercise for 10 minutes it helps to relax the back muscles and feel comfortable and relieve back pain.

– Raise things correctly

When you take things off the ground, sit on your knees in a squat position and then pick up things from the ground and then lift up using the muscles of your legs only. Avoid bending in any direction from the waist and cautiously to lift things on the back muscles.

– Chinese acupuncture to relieve back pain

Some medical studies suggest that Chinese acupuncture can help relieve back pain and reduce its incidence.

– Use of essential oils  
Relax in a hot bath containing some essential oils that give relaxation and rest and relax the muscles, such as mustard oil, camphor oil and coconut oil.

– Massage

 Massage the back with drops of your favorite oil gently and calm for five minutes a day. It is one of the best ways to help you relieve back pain immediately but it is a way of temporary results.

In order to be healthy during your pregnancy, we have provided you with the best methods to help you avoid back pain and relieve it for the months of pregnancy and keep your baby.

We hope that the article gets your interest, and we will be happy with your questions and inquiries to find out what is going on.

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