Ways to protect your child’s teeth from decay

Dental caries is one of the most common dental problems in children. Doctors are advised to take care of the children’s teeth from the first months by gently cleaning the gums with a clean cotton piece twice a day, reducing the child’s sweetness and sweetened juices and replacing them with natural juices.

We offer you in your health today the most important tips and guidelines for the care of children’s teeth

– Most doctors advise on the timing of children’s eating time and the quality of food they eat. Sweets naturally hurt the teeth, as well as starches and lead to increased acidity of the mouth, but lipids and teeth are protected because they form a protective layer as well as cheeses.

– Determine the number of small meals that your child eat, such as a meal before lunch and before dinner, taking into account that the foods contained in those meals cheese or other fruit or healthy foods help to keep the teeth of the child clean between meals

– The teeth must be cleaned twice a day after breakfast and before bed for at least two minutes, and if the child is small must be parents and then leave him to spend some time to be used to clean his teeth, although the cleaning of the very young are done without toothpaste, Who says when to use toothpaste.

Fluorine is essential for the protection of teeth, and while some doctors recommend pregnant mother to take fluorine, others reduce the importance of this procedure because the amount that reaches the fetus in this case. But most doctors prescribe fluorine for children after childbirth, and some mineral water contains fluoride, which is essential for protecting teeth.

4 – Continuous attention to the teeth and control with the doctor, which notes any changes that may occur, while periodic visits alone, the way to protect the teeth of children.

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