Ways to protect your child in the summer from the sun

Sun rays may be useful at some times especially for children. They help to increase the vitamin D, which is important for the bones of the body, but it can cause damage to the body of children when it is frequent, especially in the afternoon

With a variety of different advice, you can protect your child from the harmful effects of sunlight while giving you the chance to enjoy its positive effects.

The sun or sunlight may be a major cause of skin cancer, a serious type of cancer, given that it affects the adult and the child as well. Most of our exposure to sunlight is 18 years before we reach the age of 60-80 percent. Young children spend a lot of time abroad, especially in the summer, and every mother should know that all skin cancers are harmful, and sometimes fatal if not treated.

It is the mother’s responsibility to protect her child from the harmful effects of the sun, bearing in mind that sunburn may cause the child to rise in temperature and dryness, and that many sunburn may cause skin cancer or vision problems.

If the child is not yet six months old, he will need extra protection from the sun because his skin and skin are more sensitive than the skin of the adult, making him more susceptible to sunburn. Your child should stay away from direct sun exposure if less than six months should be in a shaded area. Your child’s clothing should be light and covered with a cap to protect his head and cover his ears.

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If your child has a sunburn and is not yet a year old, you should call the doctor immediately. If you are placing your baby who is not six months old after sun protection and sunscreen, consult your doctor about this, It is intended for children.

Make sure that you use a sufficient amount of sunscreen on the child’s body, taking into account that there are some types of creams that disappear when the child touches water or when sweating or wipe his body with a towel. Put the sun protection cream on your baby’s body in the sun every few hours, especially if the water comes down more than once a day. The mother must remove her child completely from the sun between 11 am and 3 pm, where the sun is very strong at that time. Place the cream on your child’s body before you leave the house for half an hour until it starts to flow. You should protect your child from sunlight even in areas that are shaded because 80 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays penetrate the clouds.

Do not use scented products with your child because they will make your skin more sensitive to the sun and keep your baby drinking enough fluids and water, which will protect him from dehydration. When you put sunscreen on your baby, make sure it is behind the ears, behind the neck, at the shoulders and on the face. In hot days, you should use your child a mild moisturizer absorbed by the skin quickly and easily without making the skin greasy taking into account that moisturizing cream, if heavy, it may block the pores of the skin.

If your baby is hit by a sunburn and the skin begins to reddish and feel pain, you should pray with his doctor while trying to calm the burning area with lukewarm water for half an hour or an hour.

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