Ways to prevent asthma

Respiratory disease in some people, causing them a big breathing problem, where asthma is unable to breathe normally, and it suffers a lot during swallowing food, and often not symptoms in asthma patients, as some suffer from These symptoms are severe, others are slightly mild, depending on the severity of the infection. Today we will talk about the definition of asthma, the ways in which to prevent the disease, the importance of continuous follow-up by the doctor, Of those symptoms, as the disease is unfortunately a chronic disease, a For which no treatment has been discovered yet, but the treatment works to reduce its symptoms, and we provide through all the details of asthma.

Asthma is defined as an infection of the respiratory system in the human body, which causes the airway to swell. This causes it to become very narrow, resulting in a significant increase in the mucus that is formed within those passages. This causes severe breathing difficulty. Of the chest, as a result of the process of breathing, and these symptoms vary from person to person, where some people suffer from these symptoms strongly, while others have the same symptoms, but less severe, and is usually used to alleviate these symptoms, Reach any treatment for asthma cases to this time.

In most cases, most of the cases are caused by a problem in the environment surrounding the patient, which often has a non-atmosphere , causing a problem in the respiratory system of the patient, and the environment is the largest role in the severity of the disease, and as we have already stated that The disease has not been identified as a treatment yet, but its symptoms can be alleviated, and there are some tips that can be followed in order to protect against infection, we will recognize it during the following lines.

There are some substances that can cause the chest of some, and we can try as far as possible, keep away from those substances, and avoid inhalation, such as smoke smoke and shisha smoke, as well as some types of fragrant perfumes, which contain a high proportion of Sberto , And the agricultural environment may also be one of the causes of the sensitivity of chest and asthma, by polluting pollen, which causes the feeling of shortness of breath in many people, as well as the dense dust and smoke, which is caused by the exhaust of some factories, the most important reasons that lead to Huge breathing problems.

It is always recommended that if there is a problem in the body, it is necessary to go to the specialist doctor in order to detect and determine the condition of the disease accurately, in order to know the treatment necessary, as there are multiple degrees of this disease, so a special treatment is described for each case, For aerosols, help ease breathing, but the doctor should determine the appropriate treatment for each case separately.

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