Ways to preserve the safety of children’s teeth

The safety of the body and public health starts from the teeth , because it is considered the source of health for the person, or the source of the illness. Therefore, attention to the health of the mouth and teeth is very important for children of importance for adults to develop the body and public health from young people until puberty.

Dr. Mahmoud Eid, dental and gums consultant, said: “We need to know the timing of teething for children, changing the teeth of the child with permanence, and maintaining and caring for the teeth in general for the child. Therefore, fixing teething is as follows:

– The first stage

– From the age of 6 months at most begins teeth teeth for children and white teeth.

– At the age of two years must be considered dental care is very important by the mother, because the child does not understand at this stage how to care for his teeth, by following the teething and pain associated with teething by following the cleanliness of teeth by the mother, either using a soft toothbrush with a circular motion light as Periodically, by using a piece of cotton in the same circular manner to be careful of swallowing the toothpaste content of the child.

– Phase II

It is called the process of switching tooth and white teeth, where the teeth remain from the age of two years until the age of at least 6 years, and then start the process of switching from 6 to 14 years, and at this stage, the health of teeth have a direct impact on the health of teeth and permanent hair, preferably The dentist does not remove the damaged teeth at an early age (6 to 8 years). The removal of the white teeth at this age leads to a decrease in the area of ​​the recessive space when they are removed, resulting in inflammation of the gums and the gathering of food crumbs.

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