Ways to overcome nausea during pregnancy

Feelings of nausea and vomiting during the first three months of pregnancy suffer from the transfer of 90% of pregnant women, and nausea is one of the most important signs and symptoms of pregnancy for women.

The feeling of nausea during pregnancy often occurs in the morning as soon as waking up. The main cause is the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, and the tendency to vomit and nausea often disappears after the first three months of pregnancy, but with its appearance indicates signs of firm pregnancy  and causes a lot of discomfort and progress “Your health today” is the most important way to overcome nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

Get out of bed slowly

The body undergoes a series of changes during the first pregnancy. You should look at the nature of the movement. After a long sleep, the body can not control once. Once you wake up, you should first wait for minutes on the bed until the brain is able to wake up. Take down your legs first and wait a minute and then hide now, the way to get out of the safe bed helps to alleviate the problems of pregnancy first.

Select some special nutrients

Foods such as biscuits, whole grains, crisps, biscuits and cheese help you control nausea during pregnancy. Keep good stocks of these foods during pregnancy. 
Also drinking citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons are useful for controlling vomiting during pregnancy.

Take small meals

Nausea is often accompanied by anorexia during pregnancy, but your body requires extra nourishment during this period. Take small meals instead of 2-3 large meals throughout the day to provide continuous power supply to your body. 
Choose nutritious and nutritious foods such as drinking milk with juice while avoiding adding more sugar, and putting some pepper on meals to give it taste enhancer, which also helps to treat this condition

Drink more fluids during the day

Drinking plenty of water and fluids during the day helps to eliminate the tendency to persistent vomiting in pregnancy . You can drink herbal tea such as anise, caraway and chamomile. It helps to get rid of gas in the stomach, which may increase the desire to vomit.

Breathe some fresh fragrance

The sense of smell increases during pregnancy and the woman is more sensitive to odors that increase the tendency to vomit, so keep your side with a handkerchief perfumed with natural flowers or lavender even when you feel nausea. 
Lemon slices are also inhaled with a great ability to prevent vomiting during pregnancy.

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Ginger is very useful in vomiting and nausea during pregnancy because of the presence of a vital ingredient is gingerol (gingerol). You can drink two cups of ginger throughout the day to treat nausea. Ginger candy and ginger bread are also helpful in treating this problem.

Vitamin B is a vitamin B12 compound

Taking vitamin B complex is effective in reducing nausea during pregnancy, as well as it is necessary during pregnancy to help the development of the fetus.

Drugs for the treatment of vomiting

If previous natural methods fail to treat the tendency to vomit and nausea, you can consult your doctor to describe the treatment of safe vomiting in pregnancy . You should know that most of the common vomiting medications are not suitable for pregnancy. Some prevention is safe. Consult your doctor before taking any medicine.

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