Ways to gain muscle during Ramadan

If you dream of a strong, solid and perfect body muscles, this is my asking you to exercise organized in addition to a particular diet, the thing that you need to do to continue to build muscle during the month of Ramadan is to maintain the exercise and diet followed.

Maintain the performance of exercises during the month of Ramadan

In Ramadan, you are unable to drink water during the daily fasting period throughout Ramadan. It is best to schedule your exercises every night after breakfast. If you want to exercise before breakfast, you will have the energy to carry fewer weights, because fasting during the day actually increases Of fat burning and metabolism.

In general, try to continue the minimum level of exercise even if the minimum time of the exercises and load of weights.

Eat a small breakfast with an equal amount of carbohydrates and protein, then eat a large meal after exercise, a great way you can do during the month of Ramadan to get the muscle mass you want.

Eat the calories needed to build muscle mass

Muscle gain needs to eat a lot of calories per day, you may be required to eat more than 3000 calories and also acquire and burn fat at the same time, which may be difficult to implement during the month of Ramadan because of time constraints.

Since it is difficult for you to eat all those calories in that short period of the night so you can eat food 4 times a night or you can use protein supplements to get all the calories and protein needed to gain muscle mass …

If you think you will lose muscle mass during the month of Ramadan because of fasting do not worry:

Studies suggest that muscle loss occurs only after 72 hours of fasting.

During the month of Ramadan the worst case scenario may be that you have to maintain your muscle mass even if you do not constantly eat 2000 calories a day depending on how long you have been in a whole month …

You may see muscles look smaller, partly due to the loss of muscle glycogen (which is basically the carbohydrates stored in the muscles) but do not worry about this because you do not lose muscle tissue or actual muscle mass, once you eat and drink at breakfast you will literally fill your muscles Such as blowing air into the balloon to make it look bigger !!


You should get enough sleep from seven to eight hours each night, and you should get training two to three days a week for Ramadan.

Finally, in order to succeed in building your muscles, you must:

– Set your goal and continue your exercises, meals and training time until you reach what you want. 
– Competition in the exercises has a strong role in continuing to raise the weights so it is better to share one of your friends with the same goal.

– Do not lift weights greater than the strength of your pregnancy may result in serious injuries and may prevent you from training later.

– Focus on protein Builds your muscles but do not ignore vegetables and fruits that contain vitamins and nutrients also useful in muscle gain.

– Ask about supplements and consult your coach or your friends about the appropriate type of supplement, and do not buy any supplement on your own may not be suitable for you.

– Do not overstate goals such as access to the body of heroes in a quick time so as not to be frustrated, they persevered and arrived at this body after a long time and effort and great effort.

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