Ways to facilitate birth and open the uterus

At the beginning of the ninth month of pregnancy begins the processing of childbirth, and is concerned for pregnant women for the first time and do not know what methods to facilitate birth and open the uterus and get rid of the difficulty of labor and delivery, and in the following article to identify the easiest and most famous 10 simple steps to facilitate the opening of the uterus and accelerate natural birth to receive your newborn.

Pay attention to your style

One of the important steps to maintain exercise, such as walking daily, which helps to strengthen the muscles of the uterus and avoid the need to use stimulant drugs and sedatives


It is a very important and important factor, not only because it helps you focus during labor but because it provides you comfort and relaxation in the period between contractions.

The quality of your food

The quality of the food during the ninth month of pregnancy is very important, be careful to eat light foods and rich in calories and go beyond the fatty foods, which cause the feeling of puffiness only

What are the stages of birth?

It is very important that you have a prior knowledge of what you will go through in the event of birth and readiness for him, this will reduce your stress and reduce your fears.

Take care of yourself

If this is your first birth, remember that it may last from 12 to 14 hours, be calm and do not exhaust your energy from the beginning, but you busy yourself walking, or take a hot bath.

A warm bath daily

Showering with daily water helps reduce muscle tension, eliminate cramps around the abdomen and back, reduce labor, fill the tub with water and lie down. You will feel very comfortable, relieve pain and prepare your body for delivery.

Honey and ring

It helps to soften the mother of childbirth and help stimulate the muscles of the uterus

Avoid lying down and moving

Being in a vertical position and continuing to move, will greatly help because of gravity to stimulate the pressure of the fetal head down to help expand. The movement will help widen the cervix and facilitate delivery.

Eat dates

Studies have proven the importance of eating dates for the pregnant woman, which contains many substances that facilitate birth in addition to the containment of raw materials to help feed the fetus


In the first hours of labor you may need a gentle massage in the neck and shoulder, while when the pain is intense you may need a stronger massage around the back, and in the more advanced stages you may not be able to touch someone.

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