Ways to deal with the child in the first months

“I have a baby two months ago and I want to know how to deal with it and what I expect from him during that period,” asks a 25-year-old mother.

Dr. Tsebih Nada, Gynecologist and Obstetrics Consultant, answers the question: “The first three months of the child’s age start with the child trying to respond to the mother and father and around him. He also holds all the things in his hand to get to know them close. He can hold them and shake them or look at them closely.

In the first three months, the child can handle, pull and raise his arms, and he can also carry his head, control it, and do not fall or not control its balance as before.

The praise that the mother observes changes in the movement of the child’s body phenomenon, such as moving his body and head and arms, and may be aware that the voice he calls a circular head to reach the source of this sound, the child at that stage seeking to discover new and look around him well.

Some children in this age group have strong eyesight, and they are particularly alert and strong, so they focus very strongly on their vision of the things around them and the different perspectives in front of them, so they can not, like their peers, listen or pay attention to the voice that calls them, Pay attention to sounds very close to him.

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