Ways to choose the right diaper for your child

The choice of a diaper suitable for your child, and the most safe for him is very difficult, which made the first child in the mother, as a field of testing to find out what is the most appropriate type of safety and price, so how to know what mother may fit her child and also fits in terms of price.Ways to choose the right diaper for your child

  • The surface of the diaper touching the skin of the child should be smooth. Make sure that the surface of the diaper is smooth, not having any roughness on the child and causing inflammation at the friction.
  • The diaper should be fitted with a non-leakable, non-leaky end.
  • The diaper should be fitted with adhesive on both sides. The diaper must contain a adhesive on both sides to ensure that it is tightly closed and not leaking.
  • The diaper should have a high absorbency so that the baby can wear it for a longer period and does not feel wet.
  • Baby wear for a long time.
  • Choose a poor diaper type for low price.
  • Choose a size that is not suitable for the child.
  • Child injury with diarrhea.
  • Wear tight baby clothes.
  • Do not change the diaper as soon as it is full.
  • Do not tighten the diaper well.
  • Use a smaller size than the baby’s need.
  • Do not choose a good diaper type.

Of course, diaper ready made better for the child from all sides, it is safe on the skin of the skin rash and severe infections that may cause the cloth diaper because it keeps the skin of the child wet most of the time may cause great harm to the child, but on the material side also diaper ready to represent a lower price The cloth diaper requires washing with plenty of water and soap until it is clean, but it will not be sterile. The disposable diaper, which is one-size-fits-all, offers the mother a great effort, by all means the best of the cloth diaper.Choose the best fit for your baby

It is a gelatinous granule that absorbs liquid (urine) in a large quantity and turns into a buffer material, which prevents the arrival of liquid to the skin of the child to prevent the infection.

In the end, the mother can not determine the number of times the diaper is changed at first, but over time the mother will determine how much diaper 
her baby needs per day and can monitor the fullness of the diaper by changing the color of the fullness mark outside the diaper. 
If the diaper does not contain the fullness signal, Only by looking.How to determine if the baby needs to change the diaper

Many studies have confirmed that a large part of diapers contain a percentage of chemicals, which can cause serious damage to children and cause many serious diseases, even if the proportion of chemicals is small, and these substances may be represented in the aromatic substance inside the diaper, so the mother must choose Diapers have little or no aromatic content for the safety of their baby, and you should choose good types with safe manufacturing. Her child’s health is invaluable.Diapers contain a percentage of chemicals

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