Ways to choose the right clothes for your child

German fashion expert Ennis Mayrose stressed that the durability of raw materials is the most important criterion for choosing children’s clothing. It should be as practical and water-resistant as possible. The first function is to protect the child from disease.

Children’s clothing should be made of strong materials that can withstand the movement of the child and play or wash them at as high temperatures as possible.

In addition to keeping away from clothes containing tartar or metal lids, the child can swallow and swallow it and then expose it to danger. Also, clothes should not contain lace, so that the child does not hang on to something and be injured.

In addition, the superstructures should not be too long, nor should they hang down to the base, so as not to limit the free movement of the legs.

Mairouza explained that it is better to choose bright colors and away from the stark colors not suitable for the age of children, pointing to gray and brown are suitable alternatives to black color.

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